Flyying Colours Guide to…Melbourne!


Flyying Colours have recently dropped their new single It’s Tomorrow Now and are about to head out on the road to support the single and win a few new hearts along the way, starting in Sydney tomorrow night!

To help you get to know them a little bit better, we’ve asked the boys to give us a rundown on their most favourite of cities-Melbourne!

For all details on the latest Flyying Colours music and shows, head over to their facebook page.

Flyying Colours Guide to…Melbourne

Where to Eat: The Rainbow Hotel’s steak night goes off! They have a sick pool table too. Bang Bang for good, cheap Vietnamese, and Mario’s on Brunswick St. has the best carbonara in Melbourne.

Where to Drink: The Evelyn has $10 jugs on Mondays and Tuesdays, babin’ staff and a kickass band room.

Where to Airbnb it: Fitzroy or Fitzroy North – Great Music, Great Pubs, Great Food, Great Coffee and Great Shopping.

Where to Party: Hugs’n’Kisses has great Club Nights; the scene is sleazy, sweaty and sticky, reminiscent of Macaulay Culkin’s vibes in Party Animal.

If you dig more personal space, The Retreat on Sydney Rd has a huge beer garden, live music, and does a mean late night BBQ…kransky’s for days…

Where to eat at 2am: China Bar (either in the city or Fitzroy). Cheap grub and $5 VB stubbies. What more do you need at 2am?

Where to find your new favourite band: There are COPIUS amounts of live music venues, hosting all kinds of music, every night here. I suggest you grab a BEAT music guide and peruse your favourite genre. Chances are you’ll be spoilt for choice. If all else fails, wander into Old Bar on Johnson St. for a beer and a boogie. Monday Night Mass at The NSC is also worth a look.

Where to escape the tourists: Werribee Gorge – only half an hour’s drive from the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, but when you arrive, you’ll feel as if you have travelled for miles. The water is incredibly clear and fresh. Nature at its finest! Stunning! Breathtaking! Lush! Pack an esky and have a picnic.

Where to spend your hungover days: Melbournians aren’t that different to the rest of the world… In bed! If I do manage to surface, it’s only for a $10 Pho from Bang Bang, High st. Then, straight back to bed.

What to complain about with other locals: The Weather (weirdly). Myki, Taxis, and having to go south of the Yarra.

Where to find true love: The Music Swop Shop, Elgin St, Carlton.

Where to avoid: PUNT ROAD. At all Costs. Unless you want to spend your time in Melbourne sitting in traffic… L

What Melbourne bands to listen to whilst here: Contrast, Lowtide, Hollow Everdaze, Hideous Towns, Lorikeet, Luna Ghost, Masco Sound System, and Pony Face.

The ultimate Melbourne must have: A warm, winter scarf and a friend behind the bar.


Alistair is the founder of Bear Family. Alistair resides in Melbourne and can be found wandering the streets searching for bargains and peppermint tea. Come and say Hi, he's nice.

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