Ginger and the Ghost’s Guide To… Sydney


Where to Eat?

Redfern Continental – the front restaurant for dinner but the secret bar at the back is a 70’s dream.

Where to Drink?

Redfern Continental / The Doc / The Bearded Tit

Where to Airbnb?

Tamarama or Parsley Bay or Redfern, depends on how much grit you want …? Beach grit or city grit!

Where to Party?

The Doc is a tiny sweat box we love. There are so many underground warehouse parties
but they are difficult to find! Best to meet locals and ask them what’s REALLY going on, lots
happening out back of Marrickville, Alexandria, Erskineville.

Where to eat at 2am?

Hmmmm…Sydney’s not exactly in its hayday for nightlife at the moment …. fortunately
though Newtown has managed dodge the lock out laws so lots of diverse party places and
lots of amazing food places, so hit the main drag.

Where to find your new favourite band?


Where to escape the tourists?


Where to spend your hungover days?

Iceberg’s pool and sauna looking over the beach has great chilled vibe and killer juice and brekky. Central Station pool – great lawn and big shade, and it’s got a tonne of cute peeps with UE BOOMs playing tunes and sneaking in tallies.

What to complain about with other locals?

The shitty developments that the government has put forward.  The Redfern local people
being moved out of their homes for overseas investments, no parking, 200 year old trees
cut down for a shitty tram line that goes from casino to the horseracing track ….. the list
goes on guys!

The ultimate Sydney must have?

Good friends!

Bobby Rein

Bobby is one of Bear Family's earliest family members. He has a sweet beard and likes to take photos, sing songs and brew the occasional beer. If you see him at a show, give him a cuddle.

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