Tempus Sun’s Guide To… Melbourne



Where to eat?

Andrew’s (lead singer) Joint. He is a ridiculous cook. Hit him up through our Facebook page for a feed if you’re in town and if you’re up for a beer he will legitimately host you. May need to bring the cold ones, but everything else is provided. If not Andrew’s, Big Boy BBQ is unreal, and the complete polar opposite is Veggie Bar. Or head to Richmond and pick a Vietnamese joint!!

Where to drink?

Again it would have to be Andrew’s house. It’s a real watering hole, filled with deep conversation questioning everything you can and can’t imagine, tunes flow, fires burn and come late night, a live acoustic session from the man himself is a certainty. Other sick alternatives are Loch & Key or A Fall From Grace – I won’t spoil the surprise but good luck finding it. It’s worth it.

Where to AirBNB?

Fitzroy is great as is Prahran. Tonnes of great music, food, nightlife and energy around both places. St.Kilda is slowly getting better too.

Where to party?

Same areas as above, as for specifics it depends what you’re after – if you want the chilled bars they are there, if you want a lazy lounge you’ll find it.  If you want more upmarket and or busier, hit the city. Fitzroy, Brunswick and the CBD have some great live music scenes and they are our favourite.

Where to eat at 2am?

The classic answer is a kebab store or van but at that time you cant go past the Colonel! You order a bucket because it’s funny then sit there till 4am with the crew wondering where the hell this bucket of KFC came from.

Where to find your new favourite band?

The Corner never disappoints, you got to commit though and go see someone you have not heard of yet. Suss it out though because if you love indie and it is a trance act then you’re not gonna do this again. But read a bio and don’t listen to the music online, so it’s a suprise when you go check it out.

Where to escape the tourists?

Have to love Eildon, camping or houseboat or a day trip, either way it’s great. Big freshwater lake and great surroundings. Not to mention a nice winding drive through the Yarra Valley and over the Black Spur rainforest. Warburton is great for a closer drive, check out Red Pine forest – it’s in our first film clip Owls.

Where to spend your hungover days?


Probably at the same Colonel you were at that same morning at 4am. It’s either that or a local Vietnamese or a Richmond Vietnamese, there’s something really healing about phò and an ice cold Coke.

What to complain about with other locals?


Weather – rain, hail or shine, too cold, too windy, too hot or too weathery. You have to love the variety, it keeps it interesting.

Where to find true love?


Revolver (Revs), on Chapel Street. Not gonna sell it, just trust the process.

Where to avoid?


Revolver (Revs), on Chapel Street. Not gonna convince you, trust the locals.

Which Melbourne bands to listen to whilst here?


Huge question!!! Jack the Fox, Swim Season, Birdhouse, Köda, Eaglemont, King River Rising, The Sand Dollars.

The ultimate Melbourne must have?


An open mind, a curious gut, a courageous attitude, and a friendly smile. The rest will follow.

Bobby Rein

Bobby is one of Bear Family's earliest family members. He has a sweet beard and likes to take photos, sing songs and brew the occasional beer. If you see him at a show, give him a cuddle.

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