The New Yorks’ Guide to… Adelaide


Where to Eat?

The Ali Baba Kebab House on upper Hindley Street, the best place for a tastey Yiros. Otherwise, there is a place on Peel St that does really good Ramen, I’m pretty sure it is called Ajisen Ramen.

Where to Drink?

A cherry beer at the Belgian Beer Café on pay day, otherwise along with the other poor students at The Exeter.

Where to Airbnb?

You realise we are talking about Adelaide?

Where to Party?

Unfortunately, no where after the closure of ‘the Q’.

Where to eat at 2am?

We’re back to The Ali Baba Kabab House.

Where to find your new favourite band?

The Edinburgh Castle Hotel on Currie Street is a great pub and always has quality local acts on, otherwise Cats at Rocket Bar has larger acts with sweet local supports.

Where to escape the tourists?


Where to spend your hungover days?

The Ali Baba Kabab House, of course, or at Marcus’ house because it is the cheapest Uber home.

What to complain about with other locals?

That there is not enough good local churches around the place.

The ultimate Adelaide must have?

A Crows or Port beanie, matching blanket and a good quality portable radio.

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Bobby Rein

Bobby is one of Bear Family's earliest family members. He has a sweet beard and likes to take photos, sing songs and brew the occasional beer. If you see him at a show, give him a cuddle.

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