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Byron Bay’s chillwavers, Tora have been juggling releasing lush af singles & EP’s and touring the globe since 2013. Friday, June 9th, brings a special day for the band as they release their debut LP, Take a Rest. Not strangers to the road, Tora prep to take the new record around AUS on an extensive tour – dates below. With many of the members back and fourthing between living in Melbourne and Byron, we get the rundown on what to do and where in Melbs.

Where to Eat?

Breakfast – Industry Beans // Slowpoke Espresso
Lunch – Lentil As Anything
Dinner – Vegie Bar // Borsch Vodka and Tears
Finger Food – Naked For Satan

Where to Drink?

So many options…

E FiftyFive on Elizabeth street, I think it’s just called Fifty Five now. It’s under the ground and they play chill beats, it’s a cosy little place to drink and have conversations.

Naked for Satan is a pretty cool vodka lounge, with some yummy finger food.

If you’re chasing cheap drinks then download ‘The Happiest Hour’ app and you’ll be able to see where the happy hours are.

Where to AirBNB?

It really depends what experience you’re going for in Melbs, but you’ll be pretty well situated if you find somewhere in Fitzroy because it’s pretty quick to get into the city centre, but you also have a lot to do in a pretty close vicinity. Otherwise same goes for somewhere on the south side like Prahran or South Yarra.

Where to Party?

There are plenty of options, if you’re into the more underground stuff then I suggest you make some local friends quick, cause that’s the only way you’ll be able to find the warehouse parties, alternatively you could go to My Aeon on Sydney road which has a kinda similar vibe sometimes. Or in the city you can usually find a pretty good dance floor at Brown Alley, and when it’s like 6am and you wanna keep the party going then you gotta head down south side to Revolver.

Where to eat at 2am?

Well this totally depends on where you are at 2am, but if you’ve just walked out of a gig on the north side and you have drunk munchies then you’re gonna wanna find the closest kebab store, cause that will probably taste better than a pie from 7Eleven. There’s not a whole lot else on offer at that time in the morning.

Where to find your new favourite band?

There are lots of cool venues in Melbourne, but if you’re looking to discover new bands I’d suggest going to Workers Club, Northcote Social Club, The Toff or Howler. These venues are small enough for it to be a band you haven’t yet heard of yet, but often have killer acts coming through.

Where to escape the tourists?

Melbourne for the most part isn’t overly packed with tourist in the same way that many places in the world are, but I think the north side is where you’ll find the most local action. Places like Fitzroy, Brunswick, Windsor.

Where to spend your hungover days?

There are a bunch of nice parks in Melbourne so plenty to choose from, but considering we are hypothetically hungover, we’re looking for somewhere peaceful and easy to get to without too much hassle. I’d say we should head to the Botanical gardens with a picnic rug and some pillows. If it’s raining, just stay in bed and listen to tunes until you’re alive again.

What to complain about with the locals?

There’s really not a whole lot to complain about other than the public transport ticket inspectors (most of the locals try to avoid paying haha).

Where to find true love?

Haha true love, what actually is that? I think this question really depends on the person who is answering it, but if I was looking for love in Melbourne, I would probably start looking somewhere near the flower shops on Swanston street.

Where to Avoid?

This is a tricky one cause I don’t wanna badmouth anyones homes and often the places with the most vibe have the most chaos, I once got mugged on Swanston street in the middle of the city, which is where lots of the action happens, but I definitely wouldn’t suggest avoiding that place, there’s a lot to do there.

Usually I try to avoid suburbs on the west side because there are lots of factories over that way, I like my air clean.

Which Melbourne bands to listen to whilst here?

Melbourne has a pretty cranking music scene, some acts that come to mind straight away are KLLO, Meals, The Lovely Days, Silent Jay…But there are so many good ones, I can’t come close to naming them all.

A Melbourne must do?

Coming from the point of view of a music and vinyl lover, you gotta go to Alley Tunes and check out the records they have in store.


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Bobby is one of Bear Family's earliest family members. He has a sweet beard and likes to take photos, sing songs and brew the occasional beer. If you see him at a show, give him a cuddle.

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