The Delta Riggs are a good time. A good time just waiting to happen. They have already kicked off their ‘Supersonic Casualties‘ tour across Australia and they are getting ready to bring the party to Europe to celebrate the release of their sophomore album ‘Dipz Zebazios‘. We had a quick catch up to talk about marmalade shoes, fantasy men and their ‘anything goes’ recording policy.


BF: Can you guys give us a brief background as to where you are from, how you all met and the reason for your upcoming tour?

DR: We currently reside in multiple cities. Half the band are in Melbourne & half in Sydney. We all first met approx 10 years ago on the Gold Coast playing in various bands. The current tour we are on is for the release of the 1st single (Supersonic Casualties) from our forthcoming 2nd album Dipz Zebazios.

BF: You’ve been busy little bees in the last year, with the release of your AMP nominated ‘Hex. Lover. Killer’, a trip to the States and work on your follow up album keeping your hands full. What’s been the highlight for you since the release of the album? 

DR: The highlight would have to be touring over in the US, especially New York. It really is the greatest city in the world, I love everything about it from the dive bars, the rooftop parties to the rats on the streets. Its an electric pace and the people can’t be fooled, its real opinion’s inside a mixed human melting pot.

BF: And the lowlight?

DR: Lowlights don’t exist in my realm.

BR: You guys are on the road more than the average swagman. What’s a typical tour bus scenario for The Delta Riggs?

DR: We have had a van for 4 years and the stereo has never properly worked which is hilarious/ridiculous, it just eats the CD’s and carries on. With drives lasting up to 12 hours we usually just jibber jabber, tell recent stories, argue, snooze, have herbal remedies & sing a little.

BF: You are heading off to Europe soon for a huge continent-wide ‘Supersonic Casualties’ tour, including shows in Germany, Netherlands and the ‘Ribs and Blues’ festival. How goddamn pumped are you to tackle such a mysterious musical market? (Alliteration intended)

DR: We can’t wait. We leave next week for 2 months of UK/Europe. We’re all pretty excited to get over there and see how our music translates. We’ll be going to countries we have never been to before and to be performing for other cultures is going to be next level.

BF: The new single ‘Supersonic Casualties’ is a bit slinkier, a bit sexier than previous releases from TDR. What can the good public expect from your sophomore effort ‘Dipz Zabazios’?

DR: There is a hip hop feel laced throughout the whole album, mainly via the beats and bass. The R&B element has always been with us but we have just pushed it further this time around to become the focal point of some songs. It also has some big british rock n roll vibes on it – song and sonic wise. Since we started working on it, its morphed from one album into another. With the last album we recorded it over one week in the studio, this time around we’ve done 2 separate sessions a few months apart. Whilst writing there was a healthy anything goes policy to get all of the songs & ideas out. Dipz varies stylistically from the last album but is still essentially the Delta Riggs. Some things expanded, some things simplified. We’re really happy with it and it’s a solid musical step forward for us, which is a must.

BF: I’ve noticed a bit of fandom for Noel Fielding coming from The Delta Riggs’ twitter account and the latest artwork looks a hell of a lot like a ‘Boosh inspired’ creation. What Noel/Vince Noir motto do you live by? Mine would have to be ‘You can never be unhappy in a poncho’.

DR: Yeah I’m a big fan of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy, its just out there. I actually did the latest artwork you’re talking about (the supersonic casualties) a few people have said the same thing. It was a completely unintentional linking of the styles, the reference is cool though. My NF quote to live by would have to be “You’re always going on some fucking quest aren’t you fantasy man?”

BF: For those few who have never witnessed a Delta Riggs live performance, what are the best 3 words to describe the experience?

DR: BLT – Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato (it’s everything you want)

BF: What on earth are Marmalade shoes? I imagine they go well with these.

Bread shoes Bear Family

DR: The Marmalade shoe is a custom shoe that we have collectively come up with. It’s a Marmalade cowboy boot with a pastrami toe cap, prosciutto buckle, avocado soul and a bread roll heal. It’s on sale at our merch store for $700.


Thanks for your time gentleman.


Alistair is the founder of Bear Family. Alistair resides in Melbourne and can be found wandering the streets searching for bargains and peppermint tea. Come and say Hi, he's nice.

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