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By Alistair Rathbone

Twin Haus are a bit of a step away from what we have come to expect from the booming Brisbane music scene. While the rest of the Sunshine State are busy cranking out lo-fi garage jams and jangly pop summer anthems, Twin Haus have been busy creating something more expansive and well thought out, which to be honest is bloody refreshing. Their new EP ‘Waxen Myriad‘ is out as we speak and is well worth getting your paws on. We could sit and compare Twin Haus to other bands and talk about the ‘urgent,soaring, melancholy’  of their kick drum, but first we just want you to get to know them. You know, as people. Then you can head HERE and find out for yourself just how much you’re gonna love them.

BF: Hey guys, first up please tell us a bit more about who you are, where you met and which power ranger best embodies the spirit of Twin Haus?

We all met in a rather odd fashion; Degs borrowed Nick’s banjo, Nick met Grima on Halloween in high school with Alice Butcher and we met Iti at a grammar party one evening. So weird. And definitely the red power ranger… Dan got super drunk one NYE and tried using it as a pick up line. Woeful.
BF: I’ve heard down the grapevine (tee hee) that you recorded a majority of your EP in Orange in country NSW. How did the decision to record in amongst the vineyards come about?

Nicely done. Yes, the majority of our EP was tracked in a large cold room cellar, whilst all the overdubbing and vocals was punched out back at our cottage during the late evenings. We had long chats with a few producers before the process and Tim was really the only one that shared our longing to do something different. It was also a matter of maintaining a professional, yet raw and intimate sound across the board. I mean, I definitely wouldn’t say it’s lo-fi, but it certainly isn’t squeaky clean. We prefer it that way.

BF: Your debut EP ‘Waxen Myriad’ is out very, very soon, how would you guys best describe the Twin Haus recording process?

Good heavens; Orange. The entire process was actually incredibly relaxing.  Substances and Tiger beer aside… we had a fucking brilliant time. It was all very casual and we ended up finishing two or three days ahead of time, which gave us a great headspace to step away from the details of the project and think about things like track listing a little bit more. Recording on such a location is bound to do wonders for any band surely?

BF: The big question- Red or white? Personally I’m a Merlot kinda guy.

Definitely Red. A deep crimson almost. I’m not going to pretend I know anything about wine.

BF:  Tim Carr has had his fingers in quite a few Aussie pies over the last few years, what effect did working with Tim have on your final product?

Having a producer like Tim on board really allowed us to focus on the last bits of writing that had to be done, as well as the live tracking, which is a huge relief. His ability to create this almost, sonic, mimicry of your ideas allowed for a production style which sat ridiculously well with our sound, whilst remaining his own. He is also just a complete bro… definitely a brain you want to pick at. Does good things for your own head.

BF: ‘Night Locust’ is a pretty complex affair, what can the good public expect from a Twin Haus live experience?

Flow, intensity. Oh and lights. Lots of lights.

BF: And last but not least, please include a self-portrait of the Twin Haus gang- artistic flirtation.

I hope this will suffice.
nick caterpillar

Check out Twin Haus live on their ‘Waxen Myriad‘ Tour

Oxford Art Factory, Fri 23 May
with The Upskirts, Gypsies & Gentlemen and The Vanns
Tickets on sale now // $10 (+BF)
The Tote, Fri 30 May
JackJackJack, Sleep Decade and Beloved Elk
Tickets on sale now // $10 (+BF)


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