Quality Time! with Garrett Kato


By Georgia Corpe

Bear Family’s Georgia Corpe had a chat with Canadian born, Byron Bay local folkster, Garrett Kato. Garrett is half way through his massive 27 date tour supporting Aussie singer-songwriter legend, Pete Murray.

BF: Hey Garrett, you’ve recently released your album That Low and Lonesome Sound, a follow up from your 2013 release Love. Murder. Songs. Can you tell us about the transition from the two of these records?
GK: “That Low and Lonesome Sound” was a more fearless effort to create something. I didn’t have a plan or an agenda or concept initially for the album. So for me that was a huge learning curve in the ways of production and songwriting. I challenged my voice as well as my pushed myself out of my comfort zone to make each song its own.

BF: You’ve said that it took you around 2 years to record That Low and Lonesome Sound. Can you tell us about this recording processAny particular inspirations whilst recording this record?
GK: The main reason for the record taking so long was I recorded 80% of it myself at my home studio. Each song was demoed and rerecorded multiple times. I wanted to really nail the vibe and performance on each track.
I was listening to lots of different music while recording this album, but most of the staples were the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Ryan Adams some Ray Lamontange too. 

BF:You’re about to head off on a huge tour supporting Aussie legend Pete Murray, hitting 27 venues over October, November and December. First of all, can you tell us about how you came to be working with Pete?
GK: Pete and I have known each other for a long time. He first  imd he too notice to my music was at a venue called the Treehouse, we had a few drinks afterwards with the owners and Mikey B of MT Warning and passed the guitar around and sang songs. The rest is history. 

BF: Is it daunting heading off on such a huge tour? What is something you’re really excited about?
GK: I’m most excited about some of the epic rooms we are going to play in. I feel much more effective musically in a sit down focused environment, though it can be more intimidating it also has the potential for amazing moments. I just hope the crowds get me.

BF: Can you tell us about your future plans? What’s the next step for Garrett Kato?
GK: I’ll be touring into next year and I’d love to keep the ball rolling and hit road again sometime in March for some more intimate shows down the coast and possibly release a new single.

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