Quality Time! With HOLY HOLY


By Georgia Corpe

HOLY heck! Georgia had a chat with Tim Carroll (lead vocalist and songwriter) of HOLY HOLY recently in regards to: the bands foundation, Terminator 2 theme songs, and touring…

BF: To start off, tell us a bit about how Holy Holy, being Tim Carroll and Oscar Dawson, and how you both came together to make music? Especially considering how you guys were in two separate States at the time of Holy Holy writing/releasing music.
HH: That’s a long story. We met over 10 years ago while traveling in South East Asia and kept in touch as we both went forward with separate musical projects. In 2011 I was living in Stockholm and Oscar was in Berlin so we started working on a suite of demos. We didn’t have a band name or even any real intention to form a band. We were just writing for fun. When we both moved back to Australia we decided to make a record. We recruited a band of musicians we loved and went into the studio. Three years later we released our debut album.

BF: You guys, and your bandmates, are smack bang in the middle of a massive national tour, selling out shows in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Gold Coast. What has been the highlight so far?
HH: Yeah – I’m writing this in the tour van actually on the way to Newcastle. So many highlights; Watching the sun set into the ocean in Darwin while keeping an eye out for crocs, driving through the snow on the way to our Hobart shows, the band playing terminator 2 theme song in Brisbane when I broke a string and needed to go off stage for 5 minutes. We’ve had a bunch of sell out shows on this run and it’s a great feeling for the punters and us when that happens.

BF: Touring doesn’t just stop here for you guys, you are also heading over the UK in October to showcase the lush sounds of your new record When The Storms Would Come. How keen are you to return to a bunch of fans over there?
HH: It’s crazy. I can’t believe we’re going back again so soon. I haven’t really thought too much about it. It’s just been head down and making this oz tour happen. The last EU/UK tour was a blast so I think this one will be just as cool.

BF: You also just played arguably one of your biggest shows at Splendour in the Grass. What was this experience like?
HH: We had a great show. I was nervous actually. With all the shows we’ve been doing the nerves have started to fade but with Splendour they came right back. But once we started playing it just felt right and the crowd were with us so it just built and built. We left the stage euphoric.

BF: The release of When The Storms Would Come has been a huge breakthrough for Holy Holy, claiming some chart success and critical acclaim. How does it feel to have such a great reaction to your first album?
HH: It feels good to have the record out. We put a hell of a lot of work into it. One thing I really like is playing shows and people know all the songs – not just the radio singles. Some of the non-single songs are my favourites.

BF: When The Storms Would Come was also recorded in Tim’s hometown of Brissie with local producer Matt Redlich. How was recoding the album with Matt? Did being in Brisbane at the time of recording make any difference to the sound/vibe of the record?
HH: We recorded the record over three years. So the studio stared to have this groundhog day feel, but not in a bad way. There’s nothing better than getting in a room with your best mates and the best gear you can muster and making music. It’s a privilege.

BF: Lastly, [come on now, embrace it] can you send through your best/worst/most creative snapchat photo?
HH: Sorry. I don’t use Snapchat and I don’t entirely know what it is. But here’s a gif for you. Use it wisely.


BF: Thanks for the Q&A guys! See you at BIGSOUND!

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