Quality Time! With Montaigne


By Georgia Corpe

Bear Family’s Georgia Corpe recently took the opportunity to speak with the lovely Sydney-sider, Montaigne in the lead up to her national tour – dates and selfie rampage listed below.

BF: So Montaigne, the past few years has been huge for you, becoming a Triple J Unearthed High finalist, releasing a successful EP, along with popular singles I Am Not an End and I’m a Fantastic Wreck, as well as touring with some local legends, including Megan Washington and San Cisco. What has been the highlight for you so far?
M: So far, I think the most practical highlight is probably being on tour with Japanese Wallpaper. Gab’s one of my best friends so naturally it would be a good time. We also got to have Hannah (Airling) on tour, and having Will Evans (Gab’s manager) and Andy Crosbie (his FOH) and his best friend Dani (also now my best friend) along with my touring party made for an excellent tour. Lots of laughs were had, and additionally, it was all sold out with consistently early arriving crows so I always played to pretty full and respectful rooms with great support from everyone. Moreover, my voice was at its peak fitness so I didn’t have any preoccupations about it on stage. Also, Han, Gab and I are all vegos/vegan so we ate a lot of good vego food. Culinary highlight was Vegie Bar in Melbourne. I LOVE VEGIE BAR. Gab, Dani and I have decided that when we all get married, Vegie Bar is going to do the catering for our wedding reception.
I miss that tour. I want to be on it again.

BF: You have just released a new song, Clip My Wings, can you tell us a bit about the story behind the track?
M: It is an autobiographical song, with some very specific detail about specific moments in it, but I tried to keep as vague as possible to keep myself and others out of trouble. I have had a very emotionally and physically tumultuous year so far, where relationships have fractured almost beyond repair, and I have discovered what I want from others and from myself in the process. The song talks about growing sick and tired of a power imbalance in a relationship, refusing to participate any longer in an insidious act of control and manipulation, and wanting to make it clear to the culprit that one now recognises what is happening and will not let it happen any longer. The bridge describes how I deal with adversity: by remaining in a positive denial that reality is better than what it is. After all, things are only as good or bad as we perceive them.

BF: You co-wrote Clip My Wings with Tony Buchen who also produced and mixed the song. How was your experience working with an industry legend? 
M: I’ve worked with Tony before, he also did my EP, and as always he is a delight and an inspiration to work with. He’s interesting because he’s modern, knows how to experiment and combine, is totally in love with what he does. He understands my musical aspirations and knows how they sound almost more than I do. Writing songs with him is easy because I feel safe and comfortable revealing my self and my life to him. There are people I can’t do that around, that I cannot play with, because I fear that I will be mocked for my creative process or the way I think and express myself. It’s easy around Tony, I have no reservations with him. Like I said, he’s a modern man, and like me he is all about eccentricity, the interesting, the abnormal.

BF: You have recently announced that you are embarking on a national headline tour, even bigger than your first headline tour earlier this year, how excited are you to be hitting the road again?
M: SO excited. I love touring. I LOVE touring. I have the best band and I love performing and I love visiting new places and I love meeting the people who listen to my music and showing people who haven’t heard my music who I am and I love eating food and all of it. I want to be touring all the time. I wish this tour had more consecutive dates, instead of sporadic weekends. I can’t wait to be doing month-long tours.

BF: What can fans expect from your live show?
M: Lots of excruciatingly emotional faces being pulled by me, some attempts at ballerina arms, probably a lot of yelling into the mic, some intermittent body spams, lots of awkward stage banter, and a great live band. Basically, it’s going to be a wild ride.

BF: For such a young artist, can you tell us about what’s in store for the future of Montaigne?
M: I shall be recording an album at the end of this year, doing some Summer festivals, doing more shows next year both in support and headline, and hopefully will be heading overseas for shows at some point! The aim is to get to Florence + The Machine level, but there is much work to be done between then and now, and I relish the prospect of it.

BF: Lastly, would you mind sending through your best/worst/most creative snapchat photo? Additional illustrations encouraged.
M: My sister and I have a tradition of taking a million selfies with weird faces whenever we’re out together and here is a montage from one night when we went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 with my parents.


BF: Thanks for the Q&A, Montaigne!
M: My pleasure my loves.


Sat 03 Oct | Jimmy’s Den, Perth WA
Sun 04 Oct | Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, Mandurah WA (All Ages) *
Sat 17 Oct | Lake Kawana Community Centre, Sunshine Coast QLD (All Ages) *
Sun 18 Oct | Pilbeam Theatre, Rockhampton QLD (All Ages) *
Fri 06 Nov | Northcote Social Club, Melbourne VIC
Sat 07 Nov | Goodgod Small Club, Sydney NSW
Thu 19 Nov | Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD
Fri 20 Nov | TheGRID, Toowoomba QLD (All Ages)
Sat 21 Nov | Mullum Music Festival, Mullumbimby NSW (All Ages)
Sat 28 Nov | Gorgeous Festival, McLaren Vale SA (All Ages)

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