Quality Time! with Nakatomi


By Georgia Corpe

Bear Family’s Georgia Corpe had a chat with the Adelaidian electro duo, Nakatomi. These guys have been soothing our ears with their beautiful 80’s inspired tracks. They have recently filled us in on: their latest track, The Knife, what to expect from them on tour, and their plan for Nicole Kidman to feature as Australian Godzilla – concept image included.

BF: First up, can you tell us how Nakatomi (Em and Hamish) came together to make luscious dance tracks?
N: Hamish and I met in highschool and played in a couple of different rock bands with other people, but we hadn’t ever actually tried writing anything together until about 18 months ago. We were hanging out at a beach house one weekend and he showed me some of his songwriting ideas whilst we were drunk (as you do)… they were really dark and dancey, and not really like anything I’d ever done before, so I was excited. I instantly had some vocal ideas. We went back and forth a bit after this chopping and changing bits and pieces, and somewhere there, Nakatomi was born.

BF: You have recently released a new track ‘The Knife’ which dare I say is reminiscent of dance-pop Swedes The Knife. Can you tell us which artists have inspired your 80’s inspired electro pop sound?
N: Hamish is a big fan of The Knife (the band), so I’m not surprised that influence is poking through! We share a love of Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, Bowie, Prince, Ultra Vox, Duran Duran, Human League and Nine Inch Nails. I’m am a huge Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks fan, and I would also count Madonna as a big influence for this act.

BF: You have also released a very entertaining 80’s futuristic video clip for ‘The Knife’. How did the idea for the clip come about?
N: The movie Blade Runner came on TV one night when we were hanging out with some mates, and after a while I turned to Hamish and said ‘this is what our clip needs to look like’. We just wanted something with that gritty 80s darkness look about it, but also something with that sense of hope that a lot of those 80s sci-fi movies aspired to. A friend suggested we contact Aaron Schuppan, a great local film maker, and he put together a crazy script, along with a fantastic team of actors, and made the whole thing come to life.

BF: You guys are about head off on a AUS mini-tour, where are you most excited to play?
N: We are pretty pumped for the Oxford Art Gallery Bar in Sydney. It’s a wicked venue. I’ve been there a few times before, but I haven’t played in there yet. Plus I have a whole heap of family scattered around Sydney who I am hoping to get rowdy with after!

BF: If your infectious electro pop tunes are anything to go by your live show should be a whole lot of fun. What can we expect from a live set by Nakatomi?
N: Plenty of over the top stage antics, a great live element and us playing so hard it hurts. If my knees aren’t covered in bruises by the time it’s over, I’ve done it wrong.

BF: No doubt we will be hearing more from Nakatomi in future, can you tell us what’s next for your guys?
N: More recording and eating pizzas.

BF: So we have a bit of a tradition hear at Bear Family – can you send through your most vibrant/outlandish/lovely snapchat photo?
N: We received this one a few weeks back of our friends lizard and it’s goddamn glorious. It made us decide that all proceeds from our single should probably go straight into making an Australian version of Godzilla. Nicole Kidman will play Godzilla.




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