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By Alistair Rathbone

The Holidays‘ sophomore LP release ‘Real Feel’ has been a long time coming for the trendy Sydney-siders. After the release of the hugely popular debut album ‘ Post Paradise‘, The Holidays’ front man Simon Jones packed up his tent and wandered the globe, drawing inspiration from cities such as Berlin and Paris as he slowly put together the beginnings of their follow up album.

The album dropped in late February and they have been flat chat since. A huge national tour might be considered enough hard slog for your average indie band, but The Holidays have quickly jumped back in the tour van to head out once again to celebrate the release of new single ‘Tongue Talk’.

We had a quick chin-wag with Simon himself before the tour kicks of in late May. Click here for the tour dates

BF: Hi Guys, First of all, for those unfamiliar with The Holidays, can you provide a brief rundown of who you are, how you all met and which Seinfeld character best embodies the spirit of The Holidays? 

SJ: We’re a 3 piece from Sydney, we have 2 extra member’s play with us live – a percussionist Dave and a guitar/keys player Ed, I’d say we’re Jerry. Just laid back and naturally funny.

BF: You’ve been busy little bees in the last year, with the release of your sophomore LP ‘Real Feel’, a national tour and dealing with the constant spamming of your Facebook page by people wishing their mates ‘A happy The Holidays’.. What has been the highlight of the whole experience?

SJ: Probably releasing the album after such a long gestation period, was a great sense of relief! Also the increased Facebook mentions around the Xmas holiday period.

BF: How did your recent stint in Europe affect the new album’s sound? I personally was hoping deep down for a Berlin-influenced deep minimal house album…

SJ: Yeah I went to Berlin to try and tap into that darker Bowie era sound, and also the electronic thing. The recordings that came out of that were definitely darker and more minimal, I think it was a starting off point and we eventually found our way back to a medium between new vibes and the Holidays sound.

BF: You are heading out on tour again to celebrate the release of ‘Tongue Talk’. What is the typical tour bus scenario for The Holidays?

SJ: Hiace 12-seater, iPod cable, trying to find the most embarrassing songs on people’s iPod.

BF:What can the good public expect from a Holidays’ live experience?

SJ: Loud, but pay attention to the details, we’re all about the details. Also we like push the boat out a bit on a few of the tracks see where it goes.

BF: Hailing from Sydney, What is your position on the strength of the young Aussie music scene? Any fresh faces we should look out for?

SJ: Very strong, I think the age of the bedroom producer has shed light on a lot of people with immense taste and musical talent that couldn’t necessarily sing, or play guitar. So have a look at unearthed and compare it to what home recordings sounded like 10 years age, it’s pretty crazy.

BF: In three very carefully chosen words, describe the new single, ‘Tongue talk’:

SJ: Words won’t come


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