ET and the Alien release new EP

ET and the Alien release brand new EP ‘Fallen Daughter’


Bundaberg 3 piece ET and the Alien have just released their debut EP Fallen Daughter and are busily preparing an assault on a thriving Brisbane music scene in the new year.

Fallen Daughter is a solid first offering from the young trio, with shades of early  Kings of Leon poking through, as well as a bit of You Am I swagger and Radiohead-like moroseness across the four track EP.

Lead vocalist Justyn Russell seems to be struggling a little bit to find a consistent style, sometimes even within the same track, however overall, ET and the Alien should be commended for their dedication to keeping it simple and focusing their attentions on writing a solid melody. From Afar in particular is a track that whilst not groundbreaking musically, packs a mean hook and is a great little homage to Americana rock.

2015 is sure to be big one for the young 3 piece, and once they begin to find their own way stylistically, it could open the door to a world of potential.

ET and the Alien are celebrating the launch of the new EP at Bundaberg’s The Globe Hotel tomorrow night, December 20th, supported by Young Dingos.  

You can hear the new EP in it’s entirety for FREE below



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