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Harry Heart releases new ‘West Coast’ inspired Acoustic EP


People seldom remember that the West Coast of Australia still has a sufficient water supply or that it even still remains a state of Australia, but for those lucky locals who call that beautiful part of the world home, they revel in the peace and quiet that comes about from not sharing your space with us loud, complaining ‘Eastern types’.

So goes the thinking of a one such Easterner Harry Heart. Sydney based musical whiz Heart has spent the past 6 months adrift, wandering far from his home base to the soft sands of Fremantle, in search of the new sound. Well perhaps not THE new sound but certainly a change of scenery, which has led to a pretty significant change of pace musically in his new EP Sun Follows.

You may know Harry Heart from his footstomper indie-rock anthems such as Ninety Six and Vexbut on this new, 4 -track EP, Sun Follows takes things down a notch, focusing his efforts on the more delicate side of indie songwriting. Settling himself into the famous Fremantle performance space J-ShedHeart went back to basics with startlingly complex results.

Whether it’s the increased Vitamin D levels, or the spirit of those mighty Dockers coursing through his veins, Sun Follows exudes a maturity and depth more commonly found in songwriters twice Harry’s age. Each song poses a fascinating dichotomy between style and substance- Traps combines Heart’s typical ‘alt-country’ swagger with a deeper fragility thinly veiled behind Heart’s very personal lyrics whereas title track Sun Follows is both hypnotic and menacing at the same time. EP Closer I Got Old almost sounds like a sigh of relief, complete with Heart’s mantra-like repetition of the line “You will never know what you mean to me” bringing a feeling of closure to the EP.

Heart himself describes the EP as ‘soothing’, but after listening it’s seems he may have been referring to his own catharsis during the writing process. For me the EP is a much more serious listen, each song more fascinating than the last.

The acoustic project may be over relatively soon, with Heart making his intentions clear to return to ‘rawk n roll’, but in the meantime, Sun Follows is a great reminder that sometimes the best music comes from the quiet.

For those wanting to catch him in the flesh, Harry Heart launches his new EP the way it should be heard- solo and acoustic at Perths’ The Moon Cafe on the 24th of August- visit Harry Heart’s website for more details.




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