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FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: Brand New Chet Faker video ‘Talk is Cheap’


Chet Faker has been remarkably tight lipped about his much anticipated new album over the past few months. Changing track listings, re-masters and all round mystery has surrounded the release in the past few weeks.

But finally, Chet has given us a taste of the upcoming album with his brand new single ‘Talk is Cheap’. Personally, the down tempo crooning of Faker is starting to grow old, with every man and his dog starting an ’emotion filled electronica’ project to fit in with the current tastes.

But the video for the single is kick ass. An ice age Chet Faker starts to thaw before our very eyes, reviving a very frozen beard back to life. Spiders, moths, foliage and a vast amount of fungus then start to close in on Mr Chet as he mumbles  his way through the track, before he DIES AGAIN and is completely covered in the creeping tendrils and leafy green of a jungle.

Very well put together video, and a brilliant cover for what is otherwise a pretty uninspiring lead single. Watch below.



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