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FOR YOUR EYES ONLY! BROODS deliver film clip for new single ‘Free’


BROODS are another of New Zealand’s fine pop exports and will soon be off to the US supporting Ellie Goulding on a huge tour. After the success of their last album, 2014’s Evergreen, The brother/sister duo are back with their latest single Free. After a rapturous reception of  the single worldwide, the guys have now released a video for us all to watch over our cornflakes on RAGE this weekend.

From the moment BROODS frontwoman Georgia Nott appears on camera (6 seconds in for those playing at home), you can tell she means business. She’s not here to muck around. She’d bloody well free and not ashamed of it for a second.

Free is reminiscent of acts such as CHRVCHES, Purity Ring and Co, and as a band BROODS stick to the usual chic of futuristic imagery, laser beams and the odd gleaming geometric shape. This film clip is no different, with Georgia getting involved in some pretty traumatic looking virtual reality experiments. Kissing a fake dummy, getting smashed by waves and running away some virtual tormenters, you can quickly see why she’s so keen to get ‘free’.

The single itself is a dark, pounding electro pop song with some pretty strong lyrical content, definitely a bit of an anthem for those feeling similarly ‘trapped’, whether that be figuratively or literally. If someone is literally trapping you, please call the police.
Take a gander yourselves at the new film clip for Free from BROODS.



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