Cash for gold's new video 'Black Metal Queen'

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: Cash for Gold release video for new single ‘ Black Metal Queen’


I can’t think of a great deal of bands throughout history that have written songs entirely dedicated to how much a bunch of people hate their music. That is exactly what  ‘Melbourne duo Cash for Gold have done with their latest single ‘Black Metal Queen’.

“Candy liked to do what she was told, the only thing she hated was Cash for Gold”. Hmmm.

Cash for Gold is the collaboration of producer Matik and Jack Weaving, who have joined forces to create what they lovingly refer to as ‘Death Pop‘. Their new video for Black Metal Queen was shot across 4 countries over a matter of weeks and follows the narrative of 3 different ‘Black Metal Queens’, all of who share a vicious disdain for Cash for Gold. If you’re a black metal queen, you probably won’t like this song. But if you love a good ‘death pop‘ banger and a catchy chorus, check out ‘Black Metal Queen‘ below.



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