FRESH FRIDAYS! A bunch of hot new tunes for everybody!


It’s Friday, and you all know the drill. I’ve been keeping my ears open all week, listening out for the bestest most freshest music from Australia and the other countries.

This week we got some absolute doozies.


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Signed to 4AD, touring the world and delivering some of the most unique, inventive music coming out of Australia right now, it’s safe to say D.D DUMBO‘s forthcoming debut album Utopia Defeated is one of the most anticipated records of 2016. Walrus  is a taste from it and immediately catches your attention. No slow builds here folks, just some very trademark Dumbo guitar work and a shoulder-rollin beat that hooks you right in from the get-go. The track stays true to D.D’s off kilter songwriting style, but could be his best track yet.



Hip hop stalwarts De La Soul are back, with a new album coming very shortly and a brand new single in Greyhounds. Over a stripped back beat, Greyhounds is a lesson in lyrical storytelling mastery. No hip hop boasting, no gimmicks, just straight up brilliant verse-work from the De La boys. Following a pretty heartbreaking narrative, Greyhounds really hits it’s height in the chorus, sung by none other than the legendary Usher. Right in the feels. In a market where everyone is trying to change the game, this is a great reminder that sometimes if it ain’t broke, it don’t need fixing.



I’ve heard a lot of songs come through my inbox this week and on the radio, and I for one am getting pretty sick of the electro/synth/dance/pop crossover thing. It’s well and truly over-saturated guys. We get it, Flume is doing well. You wanna do well too. But it’s quite refreshing to hear some good old fashioned songwriting for a change.  Swedish giant(?) The Tallest Man on Earth has been doing his thing for a very long time now and sure, he hasn’t mixed up his style much over the years, but why change when you make beautiful music such as his new single Rivers? Truly heartfelt vocals and delicate piano trickling throughout will make you feel all the emotions. Call your ex and cry on the phone for an hour-go for it.



Bon Iver is back, thank the lawd. After wowing us all at Vivid recently, it’s about time we heard some more genius from Mr Vernon. Sure, his tracklisting screams ‘artistic over-compensation’, what with all the crazy symbols. And sure, that ‘deathbreast’ song is a pretty challenging listen. But 22 (let’s just call it 22) is everything we’ve come to expect from Bon Iver. Passionate, beautiful harmonies and inventive instrumentation. It’s a lovely track. Bring on September 30 and the rest of the album.


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