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FRESH FRIDAYS! All the best new stuff to fill your purse


It’s The Weeknd. No silly, not an moody, insecure RnB superstar- the thing at the end of the work week that makes all of our lives worthwhile.

It’s time to kick off your booties, stretch out on the couch and make some horrible decisions. Rent or Kent? As they say in ‘The Biz’ Fuck this, I’m going to Kent street.

It’s time for me to hand pick some of my favies for you to have a go on. I sincerely hope you find your new favourite band in here. If you do let me know and I can arrange some kind of commission deal.

And as a special treat, I’ve also begun a SPOTIFY playlist that you can now follow. You’ll hear all the tracks below plus a bunch more each week-I reckon you are pretty much guaranteed to find something you’ll like.



The veils fresh friday bear family

The Veils make me happy on a number of levels. In my opinion Finn Andrews is one of the world’s best songwriters and his band The Veils are criminally underrated. And he’s from Auckland! Good onya NZ, you just keep on kicking goals. About 4 months ago I saw an Instagram post from Mr El-P with none other than Finn himself and a little excitement bubble began to form in my tum tum. What on earth was going to happen? Well today that little bubble has intensified to boiling point. Axolotyl is the first track from the upcoming album Total Depravity, and judging from this single it’s going to be a pretty dark affair. El-P brings the trademark grunge and industrial dirge from his Run the Jewels work and it fits surprisingly well with Andrews’ almost hysterical vocals. “Who needs the devil when you’ve got the lord” he howls at us through heavy distortion. Who needs anything when you’ve got The Veils.


Yuuca Bear Family Fresh Fridays

I’d never heard of Yuuca until this morning. My coffee was a bit rank and I was in a foul old mood. Baah. Luckily Yuuca saved the day with a lovely tune called Into The Deep. The Brisbane 5 piece are big fans of making ethereal, effect-heavy pop songs and Into The Deep delivers the goods. This is a track that will have you staring out the window on the bus ride home pretending you’re in a film clip or an inspirational travel ad for 20 something’s who wanna leave it all behind and head to Iceland. Uplifting and moving, the guys from Yuuca have tapped into something truly lovely. Have a listen and stop yelling at kids on your lawn. Chill.


ELI Bear family fresh Fridays

ELI is a special character. He’s a man who likes to have fun, and it’s never more evident than in his music. This is a man who has to his credit a back catalogue containing the track Arm Fart. Having burst onto the scene a few years ago with a special appearance on Diplo and Friends’ BBC Radio 1 ‘Unearthed’ playlist, ELI has kept himself reasonably hidden public view for the entirety of 2015, instead working on a number of alias side projects. But he’s back! Mmmm is all that we’e come to expect from ELI, a menagerie of sparkly production, horn blasts and all round insanity. The verses of Mmmm are slow builders, getting you nice and warmed up (there is even a microwave ‘ding’ before one of the drops) before the chaos that is the chorus. ELI is clearly a man who cannot sit still and Mmmm will certainly make you act the same. Get on your dancin’ shoes, this track is ready to pump you full of rabies and set you loose on the dancefloor. Insanity will ensue.



Dappled Cities That sound fresh fridays Bear Family

My first memory of Dappled Cities was Splendour in the Grass 2009-a golden age for Aussie indie rock. Red Riders were in full flight, bands like The Middle East and Yves Klein Blue were making waves and Dappled Cities were a breath of fresh air for Aussie fans who had longed for a scene to rival our buddies in the UK. In 2009 Dappled Cities had a sense of a band trying very hard to build a cred, with a kind of ‘serious pop’ making them a band for those indie rock purists amongst us. Fast forward 7 years and Dappled Cities are back, baby. But it no longer feels like a ‘serious project’. From the moment the bass pops it’s head in and the disco guitars get started it’s clear the band are in a much more relaxed place, most likely a direct result of the fact they recorded the thing in Byron Bay, where you the rule of ‘Look both ways before you cross the street’ doesn’t even apply. Frontman Dave Rennick still has his trademark ‘Late of The Pier‘ style wail and the songwriting skills are still in there but it feels a lot looser and just a hell of a lot more fun. Take a listen below and if you’ve finally stopped whingeing about how The Libertines used to be way better you can head out and catch Dappled Cities on tour- check the deets on their website.


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