FRESH FRIDAY’s- New music from across the planet


It’s Friday morn and there’s magic in the air. A crackle, a snap, an odour of hope in the air.

Be it a big weekend on the turps or a quiet one indoors with a boxset of Ally McBeal, weekends are the best. But alas, all you have to listen to is that new Temper Trap album from LAST WEEK! Gross. Nobody likes week-old Dougie.

Get some exxxtra fresh new music in your life and stop munching on stale tunes. FRESH FRIDAYS!



Now this one might rub some of you the wrong way. It’s pretty damn abrasive and chances are it might ruin your day. But I’ve been a long time fan of CLIPPING and I’m excited to hear that they’ve released a new EP today called Wriggle. MC Daveed Diggs is a lyrical acrobat of the highest order and his 100 mph-rhymes are extremely impressive. Wriggle is the title track of the new EP, and delivers Diggs’ trademark nimble-tongued genius over a screechy, stabby beat that sits somewhere between ’90’s internet modem’ and something I imagine Blade would play during a car chase. Definitely not a track for your parents or your Sunday hangover soundtrack but hey, try new things baby.



So, good news. Wolf Parade are recording a new album. Happy days! But to keep you satiated in the meantime, Spencer Krug‘s side project Moonface has teamed up with Finnish rockers Siinai to create the album My Best Human Face. The lead single from the album is Risto’s Riff and it feels good to hear Krug’s trademark yowlp back in action again. Risto’s Riff is a driving, autobahn style slow build, with a big, bold chorus that kind of explodes out of nowhere. It sounds like a track that could very easily expand into a 12 minute mega-jam when played live, and I really hope that’s the case. Although our Bear Family resident photographers have all taken offense to Krug’s chorus of ‘At least I’m not a photographer’. Meanie.



Sampa the Great is just about my favourite Aussie rapper ever. She oozes a confidence and style that other Aussie hop hoppers haven’t managed to pull off without seeming like total wannabe twonks. Her track with Remi, For Good is front runner for track of the year for mine, and her latest offering 2 4 is a whole bunch of sexy. Whilst short in length, and minimal in lyric, 2 4 is a sweet teaser for what may be coming in the coming months from the young MC. A woozy, staggered beat lays the platform for Sampa to mumble, whisper and croon her way through the track to great effect. One to watch.



Danish trio Slaughter Beach are a new discovery of mine, and I’m a big fan of their latest hit Glaze. Reminiscent of MGMT or Radio Dept., Slaughter Beach make lovely little pop songs worthy of a spot on anyone’s Summer playlist.  The tinny vocals of the verse quickly make way for a bumper chorus which is sure to win your little heart and give you that lift you might be craving as the clock crawls towards 5pm. Slaughter beach is apparently a beach in the US where thousands of tiny crabs wash up each year to die, but best not to think about that and just enjoy Glaze for what it is-chewy pop goodness.


Alistair is the founder of Bear Family. Alistair resides in Melbourne and can be found wandering the streets searching for bargains and peppermint tea. Come and say Hi, he's nice.

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