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FRESH FRIDAYS! New Music we love dearly.


Hi team, and welcome to another addition of Fresh Friday’s-the world’s most popular weekly music update*.

For those trendies living in Melbourne this weekend means an extra day off- a bloody three day weekend! How exciting is that! For the rest of you, tough titties, as The Presets would say.

But to help you compensate for the crushing realisation that someone somewhere is going to be more happy than you in a few days time, here is a bunch of great new music for you to get stuck into!

Be sure to follow our PLAYLIST on Spotify, where we will be adding new music each day until the end of June, at which point it will completely disappear and a new playlist will be born.

*absolutely fabricated in every way.



High water Bear family

Will Epstein, a frequent collaborator of Nicolas Jaar, has for quite some time now been churning out his own material under the moniker of High Water.On his most recent expedition, Epstein has managed to transform Lucinda Williams’ original barnyard rock anthem Changed the Locks into a kind of pysch/reggae/ sex jam- and I love it. The track’s simplicity is the real winner here, but Epstein manages to create something quite mesmerizing in this 5 minute track, with quite a few experimental elements adding some extra engagement for those with short attentions spans.



I miss the Smith Westerns- don’t we all? What a band. Lucky for us, Smith Westerns mastermind Max Kekacek has teamed up with fellow Smith Westerner/ Unknown Mortal Orchestrian Julien Ehrlich to create something almost if not much better, with new project Whitney. The pair have just released their debut album Light Upon the Lake and it feels like a summery breeze. Beautiful meoldies, delicate guitar work and drummer Ehrlich’s vocals are just as sweet as pie. Give this a spin when you’re feeling blue on Monday whilst I’m at the MCG on my day off.



I remember being introduced to The Lulu Rae’s at a Vines gig at The Vic in Sydney a few years ago. It was a hot summer’s day in a bloody carpark and everyone was more concerned with smashing tinnies and trying to catch Craig Nicholls being kooky to care much about the band on the stage. But something about their inoffensive, semi-cheesy indie feel good hits caught my ear and I was hooked for the rest of the set. That and the fact I’m pretty sure Fabio is their guitarist. Their new track Never Leave is another tune true to form for the boys, however a bit of extra slick in their production really adds another layer of warmth to their catchy indie pop-particularly in the last 30 seconds of the song. It’s also got a lovely little chorus about how loyal his buddies are which makes me feel nice inside. I bet they have really good sleepovers.



Well, who’da thunk it. RZA and Paul Banks. WHAAAAH? We always had a feeling Paulie (Paul Banks of Interpol for those oblivious) was into his hip hop. Julian Plenti-Skyscraper always felt like it could do with a red hot feature. But here we are, hip hop royalty RZA teaming up with Paul Banks to deliver Banks & SteelzGiant is a pretty massive track and somehow it seems to work! RZA really cuts sick on his verses, and Banks adds plenty with his whiney vocals in the chorus. “Hey Paul let em know” is probably the least gangsta sentence RZA has ever said but hey, it’s damn good fun.



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