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FRESH FRIDAYS! Your new music fix for the week


It’s the day. It’s the big day! I’m gonna play tennis, eat some dumplings and stay up past my bedtime. Friday’s are full of hope for the weekend. Just. a . few. more. hours….. then you can bust out of those office doors and into the great white world.


To help you survive those meandering minutes til 5pm, we’ve put together a fine collection of drive away, no more to pay, new music just for you!

So get those Soundcloud playlists ready (mine’s called “Go get that promotion mate you deserve it”) and add in these juicy specimens.

Bad Pony- Sideways

Bad Pony-Bear Family

This one should get your blood pumping. Frenetic guitars, joyful synths and a bordering-on-ridiculous falsetto, Sydney’s Bad Pony‘s latest single Sideways has a bit of everything for everyone. Unabashed pop hooks, over dramatic breakdowns and sex put downs are all part of the recipe for these funky Sydneysiders and my hot tip is to catch them on one of their many many tour dates coming up across the country to enjoy the fun in person.

Yeasayer- Silly Me

yeasayer-bear family

Yeasayer have never been one to shy away from weirdness. Their first (and in my opinion, best) album was full of oddities and experimentation and their latest album Amen & Goodbye is no different. The latest single from this album, Silly Me, has just dropped and is accompanied by a particularly trippy film clip directed by those crazy cats at New Media Ltd, whose work you may recognize from their equally strange filmclip for I am Chemistry. The video is made for ultra HD, and follows the narrative of a woman and her son stumbling upon a sweet as party full of fox creatures. Who then invite them in to enjoy their mega onions before cutting up the son and chucking the Mummy down into a rabbit hole world of weird. So yeah, it’s a trip, man. And the track is a catchy little fellah, too.

Meredith- How Could You Believe That?

Meredith-Bear family

Brisbane’s Meredith is another addition to a growing list of young, ambitious female artists making waves in Australia with soulful, electro-pop. Meredith is gearing up to release her debut EP Nostalgia in June and is turning a lot of heads with her sultry, emotional songwriting. Whilst single Jumpin beds and Levels generated plenty of hype for the young Brisbanite, it was latest single How Could You Believe That? which caught my ear. Dark, twisting production sets a platform for some gut-wrenching vocals and a real slow burner of a track. One of those tracks that makes you feel like a badass- whilst you sit at your desk, making spreadsheets (hint: that’s what I’m doing right now).

Dro Carey- Grow Lithe

Dro Carey- Bear family

Dro Carey is an Aussie producer I can get behind. The man is making solid progress building a solid fanbase and radio play without resorting to hucking out the usual templated drivel that we see a lot of today from young, cool, ‘producers’. Today marks the release of his new EP Dark Zoo and it’s chock full of top notch underground bangers. Grow Lithe is a great example, with a touch of mystery around the entire track, whilst Dro delicately builds the tune into a dark, almost violent bit of music. Ominous is probably the best word. Top track, top EP. Have a listen.

Only a few more hours to go guys- You can make it!


Alistair is the founder of Bear Family. Alistair resides in Melbourne and can be found wandering the streets searching for bargains and peppermint tea. Come and say Hi, he's nice.

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