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SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS- Cheerleader ‘Do What You Want’


By Michael Yorke, 27/1/2014

My faith in whistled melodies has been restored, thanks to Philadelphia’s up-and-comers,Cheerleader. Otis Redding’s Sitting on the Dock of a Bay whistle solo has finally got some 21st Century competition.

The song Do What You Want is one of three demos Cheerleader have made available this month on Soundcloud, exhibiting a sound that varies from the current anthem-folk phenomenon (aka Of Monsters and Men) to the smoother tones of psychedelic pop acts such as Deep Sea Arcade.

It’s nice to find a sound you can’t quite put your finger on, and these guys are clearly capable of powerful, simple song-writing. I look forward to hearing more from Cheerleader in 2014.

Your challenge: to listen to this song without loving the whistle-hook (that’s what we’re calling it).Move over Otis, the end to your reign over the whistle-game is nigh.


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