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SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS- Pretty City ‘If Fire Dies’


Pretty City are a young Melbourne based bunch of shoegazers made up of Hugh Matthews, Andrew Schapper and Xavier from Justice (see above photo). They have recently release a track called ‘If Fire Dies’. The title alone alludes to the fact that we may be in for a pretty emotional couple of minutes.

The track opens up with some heavily reverberated guitar and slow but pounding drums leading into some distant, breathy vocals from front man Hugh. Yep, this is gonna be an epic little adventure.

The track quickly launches into a euphoric chorus that M83 would be proud of. Extremely well produced, this is the kind of track I can see angsty youths listening to whilst sprawled out on their bedroom cassette collection. The track lifts and lifts into the stratosphere, a very intense put pleasant experience for the listener. And I love the outro. Man…That’s a nice outro.

You can find all you need to know about Pretty City at their website. And of course, listen for yourself below.


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