Wytches- Bear Family Review

SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS- The Wytches- Gravedweller


The Wytches are a particularly grim three-piece rock band out of Brighton, UK. Despite the seaside location, there’s nothing pretty about these guys at all. Immediately reminiscent of other psychedelic-eerie rock acts such as The Horrors and The Draytones, The Wytches are the UK’s latest addition the Adam’s Family-esque genre that has proved its popularity in recent years.

The new single Gravedweller is currently available for streaming on Soundcloud, along with animpressive B-side, titled Carnival Law. This scuzzy type of evil-surf rock is very easy to attempt, but very hard to perfect. The Wytches have definitely made it their own; whammy bars, distorted bass guitars and mildly horrific lyrics. I did a rhyme.

Be sure to listen to the B-side too, it’s strong enough to be a second single.




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