SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS! Garrett Kato Releases New Album – That Low and Lonesome Sound


By Meredith McLean

Garrett Kato in his trio of misfits has released a new album That Low and Lonesome Sound. It’s amazing what one year of composition and experience can do to the sound of an artist. Kato’s new album sends out a loud reverb of change from his previous EP Love. Murder. Songs.

These great leaps move into the funky and surreal with glitchy drumbeats, provided by Ben Livermore, while still maintaining their original “lonesome” sound thanks to the backing vocals of Jamie Barell.

This foray into the new we speak of can be heard clearly on the opening track UFOS. According to Kato this is simply a song about someone having an extraterrestrial encounter. You don’t expect to encounter science fiction in folk pop and yet here you have it, an intergalactic adventure with acoustic guitars and glitched drum beats.

Bucking the trend of love songs is the other popular single Headlights. It’s an anti-love folk-rock tune with solid bass lines and fantastic brooding-at-the-back-of-the-pub-over-lost-love melodies. You can picture Kato the underdog going up against Vance Joy, folk-pop poster child with his penchant for love songs, with this particular song.

Other standouts on this album include Arkansas. With a hint of ethereal strings and a distant echo of Jamie Barell’s beautiful vocals Kato’s voice really melts in your ears at this tempo.

If you happen to be out and about in Sydney or Melbourne this week you have the chance to see the trio on their East Coast tour. But good things come to those who wait. They’ll be making another National Tour in October with Pete Murray from the start of October.



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