Halcyon Drive release new single reset

SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS! Halcyon Drive comeback track ‘Reset’


Melbourne duo Halcyon Drive have marked their return to the scene in style with the release of new single Reset.

The lads’ Debut EP Cruel Kids was a refreshing left turn from the other kids on the indie block, with Michael Oechsle’s smooth croon combined with some bloody sharp instrumentation and terrific ‘stuck in your head’ choruses making for something desperately missed in the Aussie scene. No cheap gimmicks here, no ironic iMessage alert tones. Just solid songwriting.

While Cruel Kids was more The Maccabees, Reset is a much more grandiose affair. With some synths thrown in and some grimy bass, Reset is just  huge. Michael Oechsle has taken some stadium rock singing lessons with Justin Hawkins and he pulls it off with panache. The chorus of Reset feels like it’s made for an over the top drunken karaoke performance. You know, the kind where the drunk guy wins everyone over in the bar and gets laid at the end. It’s a ripper.

To celebrate their win, the boys are playing at Shebeen in Melbourne Friday October 9 and are scheduled to perform at NYE On The Hill with more dates expected to be announced ASAP.

Have a listen below and learn the words for when you impulsively bust it out at your mate’s next BBQ.


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