SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS! Loren Kate Releases New EP – ‘Til Night Meets The Sun


By Georgia Corpe

Acoustic-folk singer songwriter Loren Kate has wasted little time after taking out last years Telstra Road to Discovery, recently releasing her new single When You Leave Me and set to release her new EP ‘Til Night Meets The Sun early next month. An album that travels through love, deep loss and growing up, Loren Kate will charm your heart with her majestic and beautiful songwriting abilities.

True to Loren’s influences, the EP is often reminiscent of classic folk artists James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, showcasing a delicate yet passionate vocal range similar to that of fellow local folk singer Julia Stone. Loren’s storytelling is however, unlike any other. Her most recent release When You Leave which also features on this upcoming EP, tells the heartbreaking true story of her ex-partner’s passing, telling him to take her heart ‘when you leave me’.

Opening track Silver and Gold will take you even deeper into Loren’s storytelling wonders, nostalgic of her youth where she was born in the city, but grew up in the country. Often using wonderfully picturesque imagery including my favourite line ‘we used to watch those mountain fires burn from that old trampoline’, this song will surely pull at the heartstrings of those who grew up collecting tadpoles in their hands and building cubby houses.

The remainder of the EP is a showcase of classic and honest folk tracks, which boasts Loren’s wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve type lyrics and the beautifully coordinated folk guitar. If you’re a fan of acoustic folk music, ‘Til Night Meets The Sun will no doubt be one of your favourites this year.

Georgia Corpe

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