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SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS! Nicolas Jaar releases ‘Fight’ (Nymphs IV)


New York based Chilean and my unabashed all time man-crush Nicolas Jaar has been carving his own unconventional path through the music wilderness since releasing his debut full length LP Space is Only Noise in 2011. After a foray into soviet film with his alternative  soundtrack album Pomegranates, Jaar kept his cards close to his chest on the solo front, with his focus firmly on his Darkside project with Dave Harrington.

Over the past year, Nico has been teasing his loyal fans with releases under the series Nymphs and his latest installment is Fight. After the esoteric Nymphs II , the dark, thumping drive of Swim and the delicate piano ballad MistressFights is a return to a funkier, groove laden Jaar track with all of your favorite twangs and vocal stabs from vintage Jaar EP’s and singles.

For those fans of tracks such as Variations and Love you Gotta Lose Again, this may just be that bit of Jaar nostalgia you were waiting for that you couldn’t quite find in the first two Nymphs releases.

Give it a listen below.


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