SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS! OSAKA drop debut track, Vessel


Osaka is a 3-piece indie-alternative band, consisting of 18 year-olds: Edvard Hakansson, Gilbert Hulme and Jack McKenzie. The trio, hailing from Melbourne’s inner-southern suburbs, first met during high school after sharing the same homeroom class together. Upon discovering that they all shared a love and obsession for music and watching live concert videos, the three shortly after decided to form what has now come to be, Osaka.

Following their graduation from high school last year, the trio decided to continue pursuing music – moving into a house together so they could continue to be amongst each other in day-to-day life, spending all their spare moments practising in their own attic studio.

The result is an irreplaceable bond and connection between the members of the band that can be translated and recognised through their music.

Whilst Osaka sites musicians and bands they look up to as The Strokes, Foals, Phoenix, Taylor McFerrin and The National, lead singer Edvard says this:

“We try not to directly listen to what our influences are doing. Instead, we know what we like to hear and always aim to make the music we want to hear – to be that band that we can never find in our library. In our writing, we want you to be able to hear an emotion, and feel it when you listen at a deeper level to the songs.”

It’s with this, that Osaka can be something special and allow you to feel that spark and energy of something new.

Osaka recently recorded their debut single ‘Vessel’ with Malcolm Besley (Client Liaison, City Calm Down, Snakadaktal) and are excited to be releasing it TODAY, October 22.


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