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Any frequent visitors to Brisbane valley staple Ric’s Bar will have most likely witnessed the rapid rise of  Brisbane Indie-rokkers RABBIT over the last 6 months. Made up of Ethan Greaves, Rian King and Stu McKenzie, RABBIT are the latest addition to the slew of Brisbane names starting to kick up a fuss across the country with their careless brand of snide-pop. Brisbane just keeps on givin’.

RABBIT have already built a strong following in Brisbane, winning the Ric’s Exposed #6 competition ahead of other up and comers Baskervillain and Youth Allowance, and have now released their brief, yet exciting debut EP DID WE?

I imagine that every review of this EP will end with some kind of ‘YES THEY DID’, or ‘ NOPE, THEY DIDN’T’ gag. Not gonna happen. Let’s just get that out of the way now.

DID WE? is  clear in it’s ’05-06′ UK indie influences, with early Bombay Bicycle Club, Cajun Dance Party and  Arctic Monkeys springing to mind. Nothing terribly original here, however credit must be given for such an impressive homage. Whilst the message RABBIT seem to be portraying is ‘who cares?’, the tracks on this EP have obviously been written with a great deal of care and effort to bring the band’s energy to life.

A personal highlight is ‘Ghoul (If You Want Me To), which from the introduction of King’s bouncy bassline to the shout along chorus is a heck of a lot of fun. The best part of the song is it’s urgency, with the track wrapping up in just over 2 minutes. This is music made for house parties and  ‘hole in the wall’ bars full of booze and sticky carpets. Fun, Fun, Fun.

You can listen to the EP, DID WE? at their SOUNDCLOUD PAGE.






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