SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS! RÜFÜS to Release Sophomore Album “Bloom” Jan 22nd


Review by ELI Marsland

“it’s hard not to sprinkle such methodically crafted slammers on your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

Having owned 2015 with only two songs, RÜFÜS grace us with their second full-length album Bloom. The Sydney trio are pushing to be a part of your daily routine, and it’s hard not to sprinkle such methodically crafted slammers on your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

30 seconds in with Brighter, I found myself donning a flower crown and gumboots in a muddy field with my arms waving skyward as if it were the closing set at Splendour. “We love when albums take you on a journey. This album takes a turn you don’t expect,” explains drummer James Hunt, and there is something else in these hooks and house grooves – they truly take you away.

Vocal man Tyronne Lindqvist doesn’t sport Mariah Carey-esque vocal range but he doesn’t do a bad job either. He climbs into bed and snuggles up beside you, wrapping his arms and legs around your torso to tenderly moan in your ear. It’s a delicate delivery that litters the whole album to brilliant effect. ‘Floating my muffin, I’m muffin mmmmmmm’, * he says in the first verse of You Were Right and you don’t care whether or not it’s blueberry or chocolate.

After some Sunday Church vibes on Say A Prayer, you become familiar with what this album is all about until Daylight comes along. Instead of taking you to the d-floor, it builds tension – so much tension – to then softly lay you down on a cloud of failed expectations. This purposeful uprooting of your anticipation is structured so you’re left yearning to return to Ravesville.

You have to go to the bottom of the ocean first with Hypnotised while keyboardist Jon George and his girlfriend Dena Amy discuss going long distance for a while. Whale calls solidify the vision of being underwater and when you do swim to the surface to catch your breath, you spot the beachside bar called Ravesville with buckets of Corona’s waiting to be downed  from Tell Me to Lose My Head. It has Dolphins, Star Fish, and friendly Sharks walking around in boardies, slapping fin. There’s sand between your toes and they all want to have a good time  on Until The Sun Needs To Rise.

But the centrepiece of this album is Innerbloom. This is what happens when RÜFÜS are left to their own devices with no A&R constraints to work with, it’s a reminder of what this hit machine is capable of. Nine and a half minutes seems too short because of how pleasant, luxurious, enormous, quiet, dreamy, intense, beautiful, and tender it is. Throw in the cowbell for good measure and you have yourself a brilliant conclusion that feels strategically unfinished.

And that’s what makes this album addictive listening. The meticulous song-craft, anthem-like choruses, and an exhibition of general hit making is the sound of the trio stepping onto a yacht and lapping the earth via hundreds of festival stages and numerous award shows. It will take them three years or so to achieve this, but the 11 songs they’ve served up here confirms Bloom‘s longevity will conquer everything in its path, while leaving behind sonic goodness for us to repeatedly digest.

*Rumour on the street is, the lyric goes ‘Floating I’m nothing, I’m nothing’ but I swear I heard muffin…


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