Selahphonic ghosts of 1999 review

SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS! Selahphonic release ‘Ghosts of 1999’


Sunny Coast indie/synth heroes Selahphonic have blasted their way through 2015 at supersonic speed, travelling all over the world to spread  good tidings to their supporters and win a lot of new fans along the way.

They are obviously pretty keen to get 2016 off to a similar start, with the release of  Ghosts of 1999. Selahphonic aren’t bringing anything particularly unique to the table, with a songwriting formula similar to that of fellow indie-pop anthem-makers The Wombats, FUN. etc. But the beauty of it is that no-one with a set of ears and strong dancin’ legs will give a damn. Ghosts of 1999 is as catchy as they come, hitting you with a wall of synth and stadium drums from the outset, before launching into a chorus that I guarantee will be stuck in your medulla oblongata for weeks to come. No-one can resist a chorus with NUMBERS in it, can they?

Nineteeen Nine-teee niiiiiiiiine!

Have a listen yourself, and lock it away in your ‘Summer playlist’ so you can dance around your lounge room in something other than your socks and uggies.



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