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SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS- Swim Season ‘Gold Cloak City’


Melbourne based 5-some Swim Season have gone and released themselves a sweet little indie anthem Gold Cloak City. The single is the first single from their debut EP Cascades and certainly bodes well for any releases to come.

The single takes a distinct ‘Total Life Forever’-era Foals feel from the outset, and early on it feels like we may have heard this all before. The guys from Swim Season quickly put those feelings to bed, wasting no time launching from jarring indie riffage into a monumental pop chorus.

Swim Season‘s intentions are clear, they want to get in your head and stay there for the winter.They don’t hold back when it comes to blasting that chorus into your ears over and over again. It’s certainly catchy but overall the repeated chorus takes away a little bit from the dynamic of the song- It feels at some stages like a bit of deja vu and the verses get a little bit lost amongst all the power pop.

That being said, this team are certainly a band to watch, and I would not be surprised to see these lads stuck in more heads over winter than just mine.

You can listen below, and as a special treat you can also watch the guys acousticise (that’s a word, right?) the track by the sea in a Swim Season’ Beach Session.



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