Bly- Release new single Rosey

SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS- Sydney duo Bly release debut single, ‘Rosey’


With the success of Aussie favourite sons Seekae, Chet Faker and Hermitude over the last year or so, Australia’s music scene has seen somewhat of an influx of producers and artists looking to further innovate the electronic genre, with all manner of hybrids and bastardized electro sounds the result. Some pay off beautifully (see LUCIANBLOMKAMP or Collarbones), however sometimes it can end in pile of dribble less cohesive than the Channel 9 cricket commentary team.

Luckily for us, more often than not, Australian producers are getting it right. One such example is Sydney duo Bly, who have recently released their debut single Rosey, a sweet taste from their upcoming EP, to be released in July.

The track pulls from a wide range of hip hop/rnb and electronic influences, reminiscent of Glass Animals or Flume. Lead vocalist Oliver’s  slinky, whispered vocals add a touch of soul/sex to the mix, whilst producer Benedict manages to contrast laidback electronica with a bit of glitch chaos to create a rollercoaster of a tune. With a damn catchy vocal melody and creative production, Rosey will be a track that could very quickly make it’s way onto pre-drink playlists around the country. Keep an eye on these lads.

Have a listen yourself below and head over and give them a like at their Facebook.




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