Tokyo Police Club release new single Argentina- by bear family

SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS- Tokyo Police Club -‘Argentina’


Canadian indie-rock outfit Tokyo Police Club have just released their third official album, Forcefield, after a three year wait since the last record, Champ. For a band that became renowned for two-minute songs, the opening track Argentina is a ballsy eight-minute move. For those among us that are already familiar with Tokyo Po Po, you’re going to find yourself loving the shiny studio sound and the digression from the tambourine/yelling sound.

For newcomers to the TPC party, it’s important to really listen to vocalist/bassist Dave Monks’ lyrics in Argentina. This man’s way with words is easy to overlook in such excitable music, but he’s a clever boy and these lyrics deserve your attention.

Don’t like listening too closely? Perhaps a visual aid would help. Luckily, Tokyo Police Club has got that covered in the film clip.


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