Fresh hex new EP reflective romantic reviewed by bear family

SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS! Fresh Hex- Believe in Love


Words by Eli Marsland

Melbourne’s Fresh Hex has been slaying the streets lately and finally we get a look into the accompanying Reflective Romantic EP released on the ever expanding internet/club killing collective Sidechains.

It’s a visual and audio feast that fits snugly into the glitter-wave side of the Australian production talent pool. And that pool is full of glitter, it’s in my hair, on my toenails and I’m rolling around trying to get it off on the iconic grassy ‘Bliss’ image from the Windows XP desktop.

You actually become a 3D printed a glass figure like the cover art when Begin arrives. It stimulates the imagination centre in your brain, taking you wherever you envision. Kiss has chords that reverberate to Saturn and back with some delicious trance twinkles that make you want to pick up the nearest puppy and cuddle it into oblivion – which you can do when the title track arrives (Reflective Romantic).

Vocal performances these days are limited to small incremental pieces of human linguistics. You only need a phrase like ‘U-huh’ to lace a track because modern technology allows you to create your own words. When You Were Mine takes you to his house (figuratively and genre-wise) and serves you some glowing rainbow tea, and by the time the second drop arrives you’re nodding in agreement because you’ve arrived at a great place in the galaxy.

Believe In Love is ready for Annie Mac BBC 1/Zane Lowe Beats stingers as they explain how their day was and how this banger arrived in their inbox. Situated in the back half of the EP, it envelops the rest of the other offerings here and is listenable 10 times over it beams with positivity.

Overall, Reflective Romantic is a frantic (Totally Wyld) and sparkly offering with a few fillers, but not enough to exclude. It’s questionable as to why it doesn’t have an accompanying snorkel set in order to avoid any shiny paraphernalia getting in your eyes and nose. But as Fresh Hex demonstrates here, his ability to command a safari through a world of your own creation is top notch.



Alistair is the founder of Bear Family. Alistair resides in Melbourne and can be found wandering the streets searching for bargains and peppermint tea. Come and say Hi, he's nice.

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