Glass Animals stream new album Zaba

SWEET FRESH DELICIOUS!- Glass Animals Stream Debut Album for FREE Online!


Bear Family sat down with the lovely Glass Animals a few months ago and ever since then we have been a bundle of excited energy waiting for their debut album ‘Zaba‘ to drop. After the smooth, funk-ass sounds of their EP ‘Glass Animals’ and their maiden Australian voyage in early April, it is about time we got our jungle on in LP form.

Luckily for us, you can stream the entire new album in full on their website. You can also explore their website artwork as you listen. Breaking that fourth wall everyone. How about that.

Head over HERE to listen and be sure to let us know what you think on Facebook.


1. Flip
2. Black Mambo
3. Pools
4. Gooey
5. Walla Walla
6. Intruxx
7. Hazey
8. Toes
9. Wyrd
10. Cocoa Hooves
11. JDNT


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