By Georgia Corpe

After teasing listeners with a string of beautifully crafted melancholic singles released over the past year, Tiny Little Houses have endeavoured on releasing their much anticipated EP You Tore Out My Heart.

Tiny Little Houses started off in the bedroom of lead singer and songwriter Caleb Karvountzis, only to bust out early last year releasing some exceptionally deep and brooding indie-rock tunes. Most notably, the quartet built momentum with their heartbreakingly beautiful track Easy, earning them a spot on Triple J’s high rotation list and making them a must-see act at BIGSOUND 2015 earlier last month, packing out Brisbane’s Black Bear Lodge with delegates and fans alike. In a timely effort, the band have embarked on releasing this four track EP You Tore Out My Heart.

Although the EP doesn’t offer much that hasn’t been heard before, largely consisting of previously released singles, it manages to showcase Tiny Little Houses’ own brand of American indie-rock influenced songwriting and sound. Drawing musical similarities with bands like Neutral Milk Hotel and Bored Nothing, as well as lyrical content similar to that of Bright Eyes, this EP endeavours to satisfy lovers of heart-wrenching lo-fi indie-rock.

Kicking off with the oddly optimistic sounding Soon We Won’t Exist, yet filled with themes of lost love and Karvountzis’ own view of death, this track is a perfect introduction into the bands’ 90’s inspired melancholic songwriting style. The EP then rolls into the popular Easy and Every Man Knows His Plague; and You Are Mine, the band’s first single released in 2014. Every Man Knows His Plague; and You Are Mine is definitely a stand out of the array of tracks released under this EP. The song manages to balance Karvountzis’ acoustic guitar and delicate vocals on-top of lead guitarist Sean Mullins’ fuzz, together with the subtly of Al Yamin’s bass and Clancy Bond’s march-like drums, building into a eloquently brooding track. 

The EP ends off with You Tore My Heart Out, an unsurprisingly pensive track which again slowly builds and is somewhat reminiscent of a sea-side acoustic ballad.

It is no surprise that Tiny Little Houses debut EP is a beautiful selection of melancholic tracks, nor will it be a surprise to see these guys take off in the not so distant future. The EP is out October 9th.


Georgia Corpe

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